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Who is Better Small Business Solutions?


Hi! My name is Michael Crook and I’m your online researcher.

I’m based in the leafy Brisbane suburb of Holland Park, QLD.  I’m the father of one very talented arty daughter and husband to an early learning teacher whose passion is to teach pre-school kids the wonder of science.

I have a science degree in Statistics and Ecology and a Masters Degree in Information Science and Library Science.  Most of my adult career has been involved in researching and working with data and information of some sort. I know and understand both data and information. I know how it is made, kept and stored. I know how to ask the right questions in order to get the best results. I also know all the tricks of the trade in how to find good information.

I am available to help you get your time back and find you the information YOU NEED TO KNOW.

So, if you’re interested in saving time, reducing stress and getting the right information at an affordable price, then please fill out the contact form below. Tell me what you are looking for and I’ll contact you within 8 working hours to discuss the best strategy to find what your business needs.

Michael Crook – Your Online Researcher.

Why Better Small Business Solutions

I was chatting online to a friend who owns a small business. They mentioned the difficulties they were experiencing in finding someone local who could provide good online research services.

It’s not that there is no one who could do it; the problem is that the people who provide this type of service are either:

  • big consulting companies who charge a premium price, or
  • offshore enterprises offering reduced prices, but don’t deliver accurate results due to language difficulties.

So I thought “I can do that” and that was the birth of Better Small Business Solutions.

The need for affordable quality online research services

Doing online research properly takes time, lots of time. Current research suggests that 4 to 8 hours is needed if you want to find the best information for your business needs. Currently, the average business owner spends less than hour once a day researching online.

Also with the rise of SEO and Google Ads, the first page of your Google search is full of content because someone has paid money to be there.  How can you be certain that what you need is going to be on the first page?

Sitting in front of Google and typing a few keys words then hitting the search icon is a very popular strategy for small business owners. However, buy doing this you are cutting yourself short.  To get the most out of your online research you need to:

  • have an idea of what it is you are looking for, how many sources you need to look at and what a good information source may look like.
  • Understand which is the best search engine and/or database for your online research need
  • Plan which key words will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your online research project.
  • Evaluate each information source to determine if it is credible and meets your online project’s needs.

44% of business owners who conduct their own research say they are either not utilizing their time efficiently or don’t know if their time researching is spent effectively.  Is that you?

This is where Better Small Business Solutions comes in. I will find what you are looking for, and will keep you free to concentrate on your clients.

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So glad I was recommended Michael for our online researching and database work. Highly recommend. Quick, affordable and does the job perfectly!
Nicole McIver

Wholesale Specialist

I was really impressed by the quality and amount of data that was provided to me by Small Business Solutions, especially for the very reasonable price I paid. I’ve used overseas providers for this type of work before but have found depth to the information lacking possibly because it requires local knowledge when researching topics relevant to Australia. I also needed this information in a hurry – which they delivered on too!
Kelly Northey

The Yummy Mummy Food Company

I just want to thank the team at Better Small Business Solutions. The time they have saved myself from the research is amazing. Better still the research for new clients lead to more sales and ongoing purchases in our industry. I highly recommend BSBS to one and all, the time I saved and the potential that came from their research is nothing but VALUE!!!!
Suzanne Psaila


I had a pretty simply request, but didn’t want to commit the time to it myself. Michael, compiled the information I needed with a fast turn around time. Thanks – Michael!
Sally Mitchell

Nutritionist, Food to Fit

I’ve grabbed the help of the wonderful Michael at Better Small Business Solutions – Online Research – he’s helping me out with admin and research tasks whenever needed and is doing an awesome job of it!
Cassie Barlow

Virtual Assistant, Sage VA

“Michael’s communication is fantastic – always prompt and ready to answer any question I had. He wasn’t shy to let me know that my search criteria wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted and instead of going ahead anyway, he suggested ways that we could improve the results. Thanks Michael for your honesty and quick turnaround. ”
Philippa Brock


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