Good strategic lead generation is important for every business.  It can also be very time consuming. You can spend a lot of time searching for good possible contacts. Then you have to contact them yourself promoting your new services and/or products. All this takes time. Lots of time and if your not focusing on the right niche for your product, then it can be all for nothing.

No question to big

If you are a small business, with little resources you have to get your marketing strategy right or you can suffer, badly. A poor lead generation list will lead to poor ROI.  You could be pouring good money down the sink with very little to show for it.

Further to make things worse, you have wasted all that time being busy when you could have spent that time doing business. Just how much is your hourly rate?  How do you value your time and effort? Surely there are better thing you could be doing?

That’s where we come in

Better Small Business Solutions has added some extra services to our lead generation package which are designed to help you save time and minimise the worry with your strategic marketing.

We already have an excellent track record when it comes to finding leads.  Now we are going to expand on those services to help you find more customers.  We are now offering the following services:

  • Finding Leads (Online Research),
  • Telephone Canvasing, and
  • Email Campaigns

The best thing about these services is that you can either bundle them all into one big package, split them up or mix and match services depending upon your marketing needs. The possibilities are endless.

how process works

Finding Leads

This is a service we currently offering.  What we currently do is find a list of contacts of potential customers which caters to your specific needs.

Our lists are:

  • Spam Act Compliant: So you don’t have to worry about breaking the law.
  • Collated within the week you receive them: So you can be assured that the information is up to date.
  • Sent to you in the form of a spreadsheet list with hyperlinks.
  • Sized to match your budget:  Packages can be as big or small as your budget allows: Finding Leads Packages start from $50.00

Telephone Canvasing

We make the calls for you. We will work from a set script which is developed to achieve your desired outcome.   To start off the process we will conduct a workshop to ensure the scripts and outcomes are right for your business.

Once this is done we will sell your message.  We will also send you a progress report for you to analyse.

Telephone Canvasing Packages start from $90.00.

You don’t have to use one of our contact lists. You can provide a list yourself.  However if you do supply your own list we will have validate the list to ensure it is up to date and Spam Act compliant.

There will be a fee for this. Prices start from $50.00 depending on size of list.

Email Campaigns

We will design, create and manage your email campaign.  In direct consultation with you we will get your message to your prospective client.   We would prefer to compile a list for you, however if you do already have a list (which is Spam act compliant) we will gladly use that.

There are two types of Email Campaigns, these are;

  • Initial Campaigns: The first campaign we do for you will require a bit of work setting up. Packages start from $80.00.
  • Ongoing Campaigns: Because most of the work has been done in the initial set up, our packages start from $40.00 per hour.

We will send you a progress report for you to analyse. We will monitor the progress of this for you.  For as long as you require.

Tailor made lead generation packages

integrated System

These services are designed so you can mix and match the type of packages you require. You do not have to book all three services at once.  It all depends on what you need.

If you want to know more about how we can take the time and headache away from your marketing and online researching needs, please connect with  Better Small Business Solution via Email HERE.

Online Research Matters

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