Are you interested in saving time, reducing stress and getting the right information your business needs? Maybe outsourcing your research is for you?

Doing online research properly takes time, lots of time. Current research suggests that 4 to 8 hours is needed if you want to find the best information for your business needs. Currently, the average business owner spends less than hour once a day researching online.

Also with the rise of SEO and Google Ads, the first page of your Google search is full of content because someone has paid money to be there.

How can you be certain that what you need is going to be on the first page?

Sitting in front of Google and typing a few keys words then hitting the search icon is a very popular strategy for small business owners. However, by doing this you are cutting yourself short.  To get the most out of your online research you need to:

  • have an idea of what it is you are looking for, how many sources you need to look at and what a good information source may look like.
  • Understand which is the best search engine and/or database for your online research need
  • Plan which key words will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your online research project.
  • Evaluate each information source to determine if it is credible and meets your online project’s needs.

44% of business owners who conduct their own research say they are either not utilizing their time efficiently or don’t know if their time researching is spent effectively.  Is that you?

This is where Better Small Business Solutions comes in. I will find what you are looking for, and will keep you free concentrate on your clients.

So, if you’re interested in saving time, reducing stress and getting the right information at a discount price, then please email me. Tell me what you are looking for and I’ll contact you with the best strategy to find what your business needs.

Michael Crook – Your Online Researcher.

Online Research Matters

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