Last year Better Small Business Solutions conducted a survey to determine the online research habits of the Small Business Owner in Australia. Here are the results.

Question 1: How often do you do online research for your business?

online research, searching habits, frequency


Question 2: What search engines do you use?

survey design, online research habits, search engines used


Question 3:What do you search for when you conduct online research for your business?

online research, survey results, research habits, what businesses look for


Question 4: How long does a typical online research task take you?

research habits, online research


Question 5: Do you click on more than 10 links?

clicking habit, search habits, online research, survey


Question 6: Do you search past page one of your search results?

Page one, online, research, searching habits


Question 7: Overall, how satisfied are you with what you have found while conducting online research?

online research, survey results, research habits

Online Research Matters

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