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Q1. What does Better Small Businesses Solutions actually do?

Better Small Business Solutions (BSBS) offer a wide range of research and information gathering services to Small
Businesses.  What this basically means is, if you have a business-related question you need answered, we will do all we
can to ensure you have the right information to help your business grow.

We also provide some general administration duties as well.

Q2. What would I need Better Small Business Solutions for?

Our services can be broadly broken down in to 4 categories:

  1. Online Research: Most of the research BSBS provides can be best described as a desk top scan. This is where a researcher (such as me) is sitting in front of a computer and scanning the internet for the right information needed to address their client’s needs. The most common types of desk top scans BSBS does are:
    1. Searching for clients, 
    2. Searching for competitors
    3. ,Literature reviews,
    4. Industry reports and
    5. Mini consults (shorter versions of 3 and 4)
  2. Information gathering: We are talking about surveys here. BSBS will design, send out and analysis surveys depending upon your needs.
  3. Process and Systems mapping: BSBS can audit your processes, policies and systems to see how well they are performing. 
  4. Social media and general admin: BSBS can do your social for you can even analyse your social media performance.  We can also write and develop policy and procedures, create graphs and charts and general data entry and/or data cleansing.

Q3. What is Online Research?

Online research is basically what is says.  Some times  it is know as desk top studies, business research or market research. It is any research activity which is done by using the internet.  This also includes using the internet to access a wide range of third-party databases.

Q4. What is Information Gathering?

The best way to find information about what people are doing and/or thinking is to ask them.  The best way to collect information from
people is to conduct a survey. We do Survey Design and analysis. 

Q5. Process mapping, what is it?

It is the process of looking at a business’s processes, procedures and/or systems with the intent to see how well they work.  It can be used to: 

  • Determine work flows for processes such as Email Automation Sequences
  • Create Organisational charts (for both people and tasks the organisation does)
  • To create As-Is Maps and  How-it-could-be Maps ,
  • Gap Analysis, etc

Q6. Why use you when I can Google?

There is more to doing research than just asking a question in Google.  Depending on what it is you are looking for to do research properly (to find the right information for your business) you need the following:

  • A well thought out plan (Project management – key word /concept planning)
  • Know where the best place is to find the right information (Information retrial skills)
  • The ability to sort out the wheat from the chaff (Information Assessment Skills)
  • Good Information Assessment Skills
  • Lots of time on your hands.

I have over 20 years’ experience in research and information gathering. If there is one thing I know well then it is information (and data).  I know where it hides, and I know the best methods to find the right information for your business needs. 

Q7. I can do this stuff by myself?

Yes, you probably can. But do you really have the time to do it yourself?  Surely your time can be best spent by you working with your own client’s?

Can you match my 20 plus years’ experience?

Q8. I can get this done by a VA from overseas much cheaply?

Sure, there are Overseas Outsourcing Agencies out there.  However, it has been my experience that cheap does not always mean quality service. In fact, some of my 1st clients hired me to fix work done by overseas providers.

Also, there is the language differences to consider. Getting research right requires a good understanding of both English and two-way communication skills.  Although most overseas VA’s are proficient in English, it is generally formalised English or American English. Australian English can be quite confusing. There will be communication break downs is you use an overseas VA.

Q9. But there are Freelance sites for this and they are cheaper?

The biggest problem with Freelance sites is that are generally filled with people from overseas. So, you still have the same issue as mentioned above. 

Yes, there are some Australian people on these sites. However, they need to be able to compete with the foreign market.  As I said above a cheap price generally correlates with either poor quality or less time spent.  

Do you really want to risk it when there is a perfectly qualified researcher just an email address away?

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