Here is a cautionary tale for you.

I am terrible with typo’s. If it wasn’t for red squiggly lines my posts would be almost unintelligible.

Now, I’ve known this for a very long time. Unfortunately hiring a proof reader is out of my reach at this moment, so I have developed some pretty good strategies. Over the last year, the number of typos on my written material have decreased significantly. YAY ME!!

Except for last month. I was writing a newsletter (in Mailchimp), and was offering a deal to my subscribers. It was a good deal.

So I was reading the newsletter before I sent it off. One of the strategies I use is to read the article a day after I’ve written it (before I post it). And I notice this boo boo “I have an idea I’d like to rune by you.”

It is my opening sentence. So I fixed it. Then the phone rang (another cold caller trying to sell me SEO). After I dealt with the call I forgot I hadn’t saved my editing and then pressed the send button.

You can probably guess some of the words I said to myself when I read the newsletter I sent to myself (yes, I am on my own mailing list). I’d be very surprised if I get a nibble after this stupid mistake. Shame it was a bloody good idea.

So, the moral of this tale of woe is; always save your stuff if you have left the work to do another task.

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