Nic MC photoAs you maybe aware Better Small Business Solutions specialise in building and growing client databases to your needs.  If you want to make your database work for you, then you need to talk to today’s guest  blogger Nicole McIver.

Is your database working for you?

Well there is a few things to consider that you may have not thought of:

  • Put the database to work sooner rather than later, very quickly databases can become dated as roles change within businesses, people leave, details change, businesses come and go. If you go get a database but then don’t have time to do anything with it for 6-12 months, expect to be a few entries that are no longer correct.
  • Contact the clients via phone to check how they wish to be communicated with, do they prefer email, phone, mail. Perhaps they don’t even want your communication. Or best result, they are okay with being added to an email subscription. Every client will operate differently as to what communication methods suit them so it’s best to find this out first and add these notes to the database.
  • Do you have everything you want to send to these new potential clients ready and at a professional standard. 9/10 when I review what a business is going to send another business, there is an issue that could prevent them becoming a client. If you would like me to review these documents and your business in general, please see my review services under Advice on my website.
  • Follow & Interact with these clients on social media, Follow them from your business Instagram to their business Instagram, same as Facebook (via the new Like as page) , connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter & Pinterest. We have found this very effective doing this prior to contact with them…

If you have any questions at all or would like further help growing your business, please contact me anytime at

If you think your database is becoming outdated, then please contact Michael from Better Small Businesses Solutions at

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