What is a Business Survey 

A business survey is a handy data collection tool for collecting information about individuals.  Surveys generally involves participants (groups of individuals) to answer certain questions about themselves.  They can focus on information about and individual or they can be used to obtain the opinions of a group of individuals.

Surveys are a common tool for small business owners to use to collect data about their customers and/or competitors.

Advantages of Business Survey 

  • Surveys allow Small Business to collect a large amount of data in a relatively short period.
  • Surveys are relatively in-expensive
  • Surveys can be created quickly and are easy to manage.
  • Surveys can be used to collect a wide range of information such as; personal facts, attitudes, opinions and past behaviours.

The Uses of a Business Survey?

The possibilities are almost endless. They are a great way to get inside a customer’s head. The most common ways to get inside your customer’s head are:

  1. Market analysis: Find out what your market wants and needs. What do they think is important? Questions about peoples choices when interacting with your products or services are a gold mine for your business.
  2. Tracking performance: Short simple surveys are a great way to see if your business operations are up to scratch. Asking for customer feedback regarding their experiences with your business will help you see if your company is performing that way you wish it to.
  3. Customer follow-up: Generally used for similar reason as tracking performances, however these are a more detailed survey designed to determine how well you are addressing your customer’s needs. It is a great way for you to demonstrate to your customer that they are important to you.
  4. Customer demographics: The only true way to get to know someone is to ask questions. A great way to develop a richer relationship with your customers is to ask them about:
    • their preferences,
    • their lives,
    • their problems, and
    • their challenges.
  5. Crowd sourcing: Got an idea that needs to be tested, A new logo you’re unsure about? Thinking of launching a new product or service? Need to see if there are any gaps in your market? Create a pole, ask your customers to vote. This will be very effective, especially if you offer them a list to choose from.

Disadvantages of Business Survey

The thing with surveys is; the more people you can get to respond the more accurate the survey will be.  Other issues which may impact the effectiveness of your survey are:

  • Poorly constructed questions: Are you asking what you think you are asking?
  • The Choices of answers on the survey form may not accurately reflect how a participant really feels
  • Poor response rates may result non-response bias.
  • People may answer a question based on how they you to perceive them and not how they really are.

However, most of these issues can be overcome through good survey design. Which is something Better Small Business Solution pride themselves on.

If you think you’d like a survey conducted for your business and unsure how to go about then please get in contact with Michael Crook and he will discuss the best options for your business.


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