The most annoying question I see in surveys

1 to 10, How likely are you to recommend. It is the most annoying question I see in surveys. STOP!! —– Stop it right now! Today I’m going to talk about a question I see in surveys a lot which I believe is the most annoying question. This is “on a sliding...
Duck Duck Go Vs Google

Duck Duck Go Vs Google

This is the 1st of a series of 4 posts comparing Duck Duck Go against Google. I’m not a fan of long blogs (I tend not to read them so I won’t write one), and there is going to such a wide variety of information to consume so I thought I’d offer you one morsel at a...

2017 Small Business Online Research Habits

In September 2017 Better Small Business Solutions conducted a survey on the online research habits of small business.   This is the second survey conducted by BSBS regarding this subject matter.  The 1st survey was conducted in Sept 2016. The 2nd survey was sent out...

Online Research Matters

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