Assessing Information
Why do I like this Article?

“Does it spark joy?”

Every-time I am on social media, it seems that every post is asking me this. Are you seeing this?

It is a great question to ask when finding or getting rid of physical items. However, it is probably not the best question to ask while searching online. The Konmari method may work when re-organising your office. However, it is probably not the best thing to ask when you are trying to find the right information for your business.

You are probably scratching your head at me right now, wondering what I’m on about. You may even think I have been hitting the scotch a tad early today. Well…….  

I’m not actually suggesting you are asking this particular question while you are assessing information online. However, you are probably doing so …. unconsciously. What I’m talking about here is your unconscious biases.

Unconscious Bias and Assessing Information

Sometimes referred to as cognitive bias, it is seen by researchers as one of the biggest factors as to why some people collect and share false information (fake news).  It can be easy to fall into the trap of finding a resource because it agrees with your point of view.  This is the equivalent of surrounding yourself with “Yes People” all the time, Good for the ego, but may inhibit personal growth.

It is important you are aware of your personal biases when searching. More so when looking for answers which may guide the outcome of future business decisions.

A better question to ask when Assessing Information

A better question to ask yourself when researching for your business is,” Is the only reason I like this article is because it agrees with my point of View?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to be very critical look at other factors as to why it may be a good piece of information for you. Look at aspects like:

  1. Age of the information.
  2. The Authority of The Author and/or publisher of the information – Are they an expert?
  3. What is the agenda of the Author and/or publisher?
  4. The type of information, is it a Meme, News article Scholarly Article etc.

Unsure if your personal biases are getting in the way of your business research outcomes?

If so please, let me do it for you. Just press the Big Blue button below to arrange a 20 (FREE) exploratory meeting. Let me what you are looking for and the best time to contact you and I reply to you as soon as possible. I am sure I can find it for you.

Online Research Matters

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