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For a short time only (during the COVID19 crisis, Better Small Business Solutions will compile tailored lists for you.

This is so you can minimise the risks associated with purchasing ready made lists and/or comping your own.

Why waste time, by Navigating around the boggy minefield that is the SPAM ACT (2002), when we can do it for you.


Better Small Business Solutions aims to

help other small businesses to 

find the right answers they need to solve

any business problem they may have.

What we do:

We do Online Research. We offer a unique and affordable information and data collection service. The services we provide are a mixture of academic researching techniques, market research and statistical analysis methods. We draw on all three approaches to develop strategies to answer your specific business question.

Our services:

We offer a wide range of services designed to find the answers you need. Depending on your question we may draw on several distinct service types. We may even use a combination of them to answer your business question.

Our service types are:

  • Literature Reviews and White Paper Research: We aim to help you understand any topic your business may be interested in. • Finding Potential Clients: We draw upon Market Research and demographics to help you ascertain where your customers. We can also help you with contacting them.
  • Competition/Market Analysis: This is pure market research, we will find out who and where your competitors are and ascertain how you differ from them.
  • Survey Design and Analysis: The best way to find out what your customers are thinking is to ask them. A well-designed survey will ensure you can get inside your client’s head. Surveys work well for determining if a new product or service is needed, collect demographic information and to determine customer satisfaction.
  • Process and Systems Audit: We draw on well-established business analysis (such as process mapping), survey design and market research tools to determine if your information systems are performing well.

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