Finding the Right Information Your Business Needs

Research Services and Survey Design

Better Small Business Solutions find and collect the right information needed for your business to grow. I do this by offering two distinct services, these being:

  • Research Services, and
  • Survey Design.

Research Services for Small Business

You tell me what you would like to know and I’ll search it for you.  I will typically research the following:

  • Current and future trends in your industry,
  • who your competitors are,
  • possible new markets,
  • Current legislation and compliance issues in your industry,
  • relevant government programs,
  • tools for systemising your business,
  • research blogs and teaching topics for marketing purposes,
  • new service viability for your business, and
  • find anything else you wish to know to make your business grow.

Finding Contact Details

Typically I will find contacts details for the following:

  • potential clients,
  • suppliers,
  • Government organisations, and
  • Bloggers.

We will compile a list of up to 20 businesses/organisations  which will include the following details:

  • Business Name
  • Url
  • Postal and/or physical Address
  • Telephone Number (Fax number on request)
  • The businesses preferred email address

Finding names and personal details policy and pricing

Because of the legal implications,  providing names is not a straight forward task. In some cases it is illegal to do so. Any names I provide to you will be in accordance with Australian Privacy and Anti Spam legislation.

 Survey Design

  • Design a 5 question survey
  • Design a 10 question survey
  • Disseminate and analyse survey

Other Ad-hoc services

  • Information Audits – a complete audit of your  business’ information resources and systems:
  • Data entry – contact me for details.



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